Finding The Right Sink For You

Finding The Right Sink For You

Are you looking for a new kitchen plumbing or bathroom sink that will be the right fit for your home? Choosing a sink can be a bit more complicated than most people realize, as they now come in so many different shapes, sizes, designs, and even colors.

When choosing your new sink, you should take into consideration not only the current trends in home decor, but also your personal style, your budget, and what is available to you from your local plumbing stores.

Knight Plumbing has assembled some information to help you shop for and find a bathroom or kitchen sink that is just the right fit for your home!

Research Different Kinds of Sinks

sinkresearchWhen shopping for a new sink, it can be easy to become overwhelmed if you don't know what you are looking for. In today's marketplace, there are countless options available to you.

Are you looking for a kitchen or bathroom sink? How much space can you afford for your sink to take up? Do you want a stand-alone sink or a vanity with cabinets and drawers?

There are two ways you can research sinks: online and in person. The first thing you should do is begin your research by looking into what all the options are, and narrowing your search to sinks that fit into your budget, your taste, and that can best accommodate your lifestyle.

Once you have a better idea of what you might be looking for, you can head to your local hardware store or plumbing store showroom to look at some models of sinks in person. This will give you a better idea of the look and feel of your sink in a real, three-dimensional way.

How Much Does Your Sink Cost?

sinkcostAnother way to narrow down your options is to consider how much you are willing to spend on a new sink.

Installation of a new sink can cost anywhere from $200 to over $500, depending on the style and size of the sink, as well as the complexity of the installation job.

Keep in mind that adding elaborate faucets and faucet handles can increase the cost of your sink. Assessing the value of a sink really comes down to weighing the cost versus the amenities it provides.

If you are not someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking up elaborate dishes, then a more expensive farmhouse sink may not be worth the cost. If you don’t need/ won’t use the extra cabinet space under your bathroom sink, a pedestal sink may be of more value to you.

Ask Your Local Plumbing Store

callusFinally, it is imperative to work with your local plumbing and hardware stores in mind to see what they have available and what installation services they provide.

If you’re still unsure about what type of sink would be best in your bathroom or kitchen, the experts at your local plumbing store can also offer more insight to help you find the right sink for you.

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Stone Counters and Installing a Sink

Stone Counters and Installing a Sink

Do you want to add value to your Milwaukee, WI home? Installing a new sink and stone countertop can boost the appearance and value of your kitchen in a big way. However, before you get started on renovating you should have a better understanding of what it's going to take. Stone countertops are by no means cheap and can be challenging to shape.

Any mistakes, even small ones, could significantly affect your overall cost. Getting help from a respected kitchen plumbing service is critical. We've listed several things homeowners should know about before beginning this type of project. Here are a few tips regarding stone countertops and installing sinks.

Don't Try It On Your Own

“callaplumber”One thing we need to get out of the way immediately is how strongly we recommend against performing this project by yourself. Cutting into materials such as granite can be complicated and requires tools that aren't as common as your everyday hammer or wrench.

Trying to do it without assistance could major consequences. It's best to employ an experienced contractor who possesses the necessary equipment to complete the job safely. If anything did go wrong, they might even replace the countertop for you. So be sure to ask if they offer guarantees. Always ask for help before handling stone countertops on your own.

Make Sure Your Sink Is Appropriate

“matchingsink”Purchasing the right sink for your countertop is a vital step in the process. It needs to easily fit within the counter space available while also serving your family's needs. A sink that's too big could result in challenges while cutting, and a sink that's too small may not be functional at all.

Faucets and taps also need their own space. There should be a large selection of kitchen plumbing products if you visit a major hardware store in your area. Finding a sink that's right for your kitchen will take time and attention to detail.

There Can Be No Errors When Measuring

“rightmeasurement”Now that you've bought your sink, it's time to make measurements for cutting. Since you only get one attempt to cut the opening in stone, there's no room to make a few mistakes. A tiny error could damage the stone or mean that your sink won't fit. The kind of sink you buy will influence the size of hole you cut.

A smaller opening is required for top-mounting sinks because the basin fits into the hole while a rim around the sink rests supportively on the countertop. Undermount features need a hole the exact same size as the sink before the counter is lowered on top of it. If faucets and taps are installed separately from the sink, you will need measurements for them as well. Precise measurements are the key to a successful project.


Install a Garbage Disposal for these 3 Key Reasons

Install a Garbage Disposal for these 3 Key Reasons

To some people, a garbage disposal may seem like an unnecessary expense when we already have too many gadgets and appliances cluttering up our houses. But a garbage disposal is a great tool that can help you keep your kitchen plumbing cleaner, make doing dishes easier, reduce nasty odors in the kitchen, and even prevent clogs from blocking up your drains.

More than that, a disposal gets fitted right into your sink and doesn’t take up counter space the way some appliances do, meaning you can get all the benefits of this appliance without the hassle of having another gadget on the counter. If you're still unsure if a garbage disposal is right for your kitchen, here are three key reasons you should consider one.

1. They Make Washing Dishes a Breeze

“washingdishes”Wouldn’t it be great if after a meal you could just plop all the dishes in the sink and start washing, without worrying about scraping scraps into the garbage and rinsing first?

With a garbage disposal, you can do just that! When you finish washing the last dish, simply unplug the drain, flip the on switch, and let the garbage disposal grind up and flush away all the food waste that’s left in the sink.

No more post-dinner scraping and rinsing, and this means you get to spend more time with your family and doing the things you love.

2. They Can Prevent Clogs and Blockages

“clearpipes”Any time you put food down the sink, you run the risk of a clog forming, because food can stick to pipe walls and create hard-to-reach blockages that can slow down your drains and cause sink backups.

This is especially true with absorbent foods like rice, pasta, and bread, which can cause major plumbing problems in the kitchen. Along with the headache of slow-running drains, clogs that go ignored can also lead to corrosion and leaks, and this means expensive and annoying repairs. But a garbage disposal is designed specifically to grind food thoroughly, and this means food waste will flow freely through your pipes, without the risk of clogging up along the way.

3. They Prevent Nasty Odors from Taking Over Your Kitchen

“cleansmell”When was the last time you opened your kitchen garbage and thought, “that smells nice?” If you're like most people, the answer is probably never.

Kitchen garbages stink because rotting food waste attracts microbes like bacteria that cause nasty odors, and this can make it nearly impossible to keep your kitchen smelling fresh when you're putting food waste in the garbage or compost bin.

When you use the garbage disposal to deal with food waste, scraps don’t end up in the garbage, and this means a cleaner garbage, a better smelling kitchen, and more room in your trash bin for other things. These are three of the best reasons to get a garbage disposal installed in your kitchen, but these appliances also have a number of other advantages. For instance, less food waste ends up in our Milwaukee, WI landfills, and that’s a bonus for the environment.

These appliances are also easy to clean, making them a hassle-free way to deal with food, and leaving you more time for other things. To clean the disposal and dislodge any stuck-on food particles, run the disposal and drop a few ice cubes into the sink while the water is running to clean the blades.