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The Tools Professionals Use to Clear Drains

Drain Cleaning Explained

Many homeowners are simply unaware of how important it is to keep their drains clean. The result of skipping out on this preventative maintenance service is that their pipes can get severely clogged and may require repair or replacement. Homeowners should consider the advantages of hiring a professional drain cleaning service if their drains are slow, toilets are gurgling, or there are other draining problems.

It’s also important to note that chemical drain cleaners may clean out a clog but can also damage the pipelines, so they are not recommended. If drain cleaners are used frequently, significant repairs may soon follow. This blog discusses the tools that plumbers commonly use to clear clogs. 

Drain Snakes Clear Clogged Drains

snakeThe drain snake is one of the most common tools professional plumbers use when clearing clogged drains. It resembles a long cable with a corkscrew-shaped end. The line has a handle that is used to turn it. The cable will be pushed through the drain using the crank, and the plumber will manipulate the cable once they reach the clog to get through it.

The same principles underline how a motorized drain snake functions. Larger pipes or obstructions with greater resistance require this type of snake. Thanks to the motor, the plumber has an additional force to push through clogged pipes. The automatic feeds on these snakes make it easier to move the cable and go through clogs.

Hydrojetting to Unclog Drains 

Homeowners should consult a qualified plumber about whether hydrojetting is appropriate for their home and pipes. They will check the pipe material and if they are in good condition to see if hydrojetting is an appropriate measure. If it isn’t, they will suggest alternative solutions. 

To use a hydro jet, plumbers will put the hose with a nozzle with openings for water that go in different directions into the plumbing and apply the proper water pressure. The level of water pressure, which can reach 35,000 psi, can be changed depending on what the plumber finds. Any accumulated material will be flushed safely by the pressurized water scouring the walls of the pipes. This procedure is fantastic for both clearing clogs and preventing them. 

Video Inspection Equipment

videoBefore using one of the previously mentioned tools to clear a clog, professional plumbers may first use a special camera to inspect the plumbing lines thoroughly. Using this tool, a plumber can see what’s happening inside the pipes on a screen, and previously hidden blockages or damage becomes apparent. 

Plumbers can even determine where the issue is located by counting the amount of cable used to get to the problem, eliminating the need to excavate the sewer system to find an obstruction. Some sewer cameras even have an on-camera radio transmitter that precisely captures the device’s subsurface location.

The display allows the homeowner and plumber to observe what’s happening inside the pipes. Additionally, the plumber might identify more potential issues, such as broken or otherwise damaged pipes, encroaching tree roots, or a buildup of sewage muck during the video drain check. Some cameras also allow the plumber to download the video for later viewing through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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