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Here Are The Top 10 Best Plumbing Memes Of 2018:


At Knight Plumbing, we take your plumbing very seriously.

We get the job done right in a timely fashion. But that doesn't mean we don't know how to enjoy the silly side of life once in a while!

With that said, here are this year's best plumbing memes, ranked in order of funniness from 10 to 1. Scroll through to see if your favorite meme made the cut!

10- The “Look How Big My Muscles Are” Meme
The number 10 spot on this countdown goes to the tired old “look how big my muscles are” joke. We’re over it.

9- The Dog Meme
Nothing against dog memes other than the fact that they’re just not as funny as cat memes. There, we said it! These furry little guys do get points for cuteness, though!

8- The Product You Kind of Want, But Won’t Actually Buy
Here’s a fun shower curtain that might make you think “ooh, I need that!” But do you really? Look at that guy giving you a thumbs-up from inside your you really want him there every time you use the bathroom? Probably not.

7- The “I Don’t Get It, But It’s Still Pretty Funny” Meme
Why did this man choose to put on a Viking at and "sail" across his severely flooded basement? Who stood in the same flooded basement to take this picture?! We're not sure of the answer to either of those questions. What we are sure of is that we appreciate his commitment to the meme.

6- The Most Interesting Man in The World
While this meme is hilarious, the Most Interesting Man in the World character is a little behind the times, is it not? Still funny? Sure. But let’s see if we can’t find something more original.

5- The Punny Meme
We know there are people out there who hate puns, and there are people out there who love them. That’s why our punny meme lands right in the middle of our list. It’s neither the best, not the worst pun we’ve ever come across.

4- The Not Really Funny, But Very Important Meme
Alright, Alright, we said this countdown was for funny memes, but we had to sneak this wise one in here. We hope this helps you protect your finished showers, tubs, and sinks!

3- The Good Advice Meme
If you won’t listen to your local plumber, and you won’t listen to your friends, maybe you’ll listen to this cheeky meme. Don’t. Do. It.

2- The Funny Cat Meme
Alright, back to the funny stuff! No “best of” meme list would be complete without a funny cat meme, and this one is pretty hilarious!

1- The Too Relatable Meme
Don’t we all call our parents for guidance when we don’t know how to do something? And haven’t we all been on the phone with a parent explaining how to fix something, looking at it and thinking “huh?” That’s why this meme right here takes the top spot! Too funny...and for a lot of people, too relatable!

We sincerely hope you've enjoyed counting down the best memes of the year with us, and we hope you'll pass the list along to your friends and neighbors to give them a laugh as well this holiday season! Don't hesitate to call Knight Plumbing at (414) 420-0625 for any plumbing services you need in Milwaukee!