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Most residents would like to avoid thinking about the contents of their sewers as much as possible. However, the best way to keep sewage out of sight and out of mind requires dedicated cleaning. Our specialists at Knight Plumbing are committed to helping residents with intense sewer cleaning in Milwaukee. With regular cleaning, sewers can be prevented from suffering an unexpected, costly breakdowns.

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Does My Sewer Really Need Cleaning?

Because sewers are so large, residents assume they can handle everything they encounter. Unfortunately, just like any other pipe, sewers can quickly become clogged. When this occurs, rapid cleaning is required. Our technicians are ready to come to any homeowner’s aid in Shorewood, Wauwatosa, or nearby locations.

A sewer may easily become blocked due to:

  • An accumulation of mineral deposits and hard water
  • Large, foreign objects that have become stuck in the pipe joints
  • A build-up of oil, fat, or grease that has hardened in the pipe debris 
  • Intrusion from tree roots wrapping themselves around the pipes
  • Flaking metal and rust from deteriorating old sewers

    “I called in the afternoon about replacing my water heater that had started leaking and they happened to have a cancelation that day and could send someone out right away! Andy was very professional and did a great job explaining everything to me. He even talked with my father on the phone to assure him that it was "Dad Approved"! It was truly appreciated! He got to work right away and had my new water heater all set up in 2hrs! Highly recommend! Amazing service! I got the Knights warranty with my new water heater so I will DEFINITELY be a returning customer!”

    Lisa S.

Why Sewer Cleaning Is So Important

Not many people are aware that it is their own responsibility to take care of problems in their sewer. They often assume that the sewage system is run by city plumbing, which is paid for by taxpayer dollars. However, although there is typically a large, main sewer run by each township, there are also smaller residential branches. Because these lateral lines connect to the municipal system of the whole city, they can cause big problems when they clog. If just one resident’s lateral line overflows, it can send the whole system off balance. 

The contents of a burst sewer pipe are not just smelly and unpleasant, but they are toxic to anyone who is exposed to them. This is why many local governments require homeowners to take care of the maintenance of their own lines. In multiple states, residents are forced to pay fines if a backup or clog occurs because of a fault in their line. Arranging for dedicated sewer cleaning is the most optimal way of resolving this issue before it ever occurs.

How Often Should You Arrange for Sewer Cleaning?

Every resident wants to keep their sewer system running smoothly, making sure that toxic waste is hidden out of sight where it belongs. Cleaning is the best way to accomplish this, but how often should a sewer be cleaned? Experts typically recommend a thorough inspection between 5 and 10 years. However, the age of a lateral pipe, as well as its current condition, may change this range. An old sewer will be much more likely to clog, meaning it requires an earlier date for cleaning. Avoid the guesswork by speaking to our specialists at Knight Plumbing.

Our helpful technicians are ready to provide thorough sewer cleaning in Milwaukee, so call us now at (414) 420-0625.