Our Complete Guide To Saving Money On Your Water Bill

Make it your goal to save money on your water bill for 2018 by making simple changes to your lifestyle that can help you conserve and reuse water. However, there is no point in conserving water if your home leaks somewhere, from a faucet, sprinkler or a pipe.

If you have noticed that your water consumption has increased and that you are being charged for it on your water bill for no discernable reason, then you might want to call in a plumber for a professional inspection.

Once you have taken his recommendation for repairing or retrofitting fixture and pipes, you can then take the measures needed to limit your water and recycle water for a second use.

Save Water and Money by Visiting the Car Wash

Slushy winters and dusty dry summers make it necessary for Milwaukee, WI residents to frequently wash their cars.

However, if you are doing this by hand in your driveway, you could be paying hundreds of dollars for using hundreds of gallons of water.

Nevertheless, for a mere twenty dollars or less, you could be using a drive-thru automated carwash that conserves money and washes cars using a system that is designed specifically to conserve and recycle used water.

Channel Greywater Into The Garden

Every time you do the dishes or use a sink, you are creating wastewater, called greywater that can be used to water your garden or lawn.

A plumber can hook up a hose to your sinks and appliances so that greywater is funneled outside and used to water your garden instead of expensive city water. Grey water can also be recycled through pipes in a home to keep it hot or cool.

Fix That Leaky Toilet Tank

A leaky toilet can be the subversive cause of that big increase on your water bill. Water leaking from the tank into the bowl is the equivalent of just flushing your hard-earned dollars away.

A plumber can replace the flapper in the tank that might be causing the problem or install a completely new low-flow tank for you. This is an easy installation that can dramatically lower your water bill.

Take Showers Instead of Baths

Baths are a luxury that a world running out of water can no longer afford. Baths are expensive because it can take up to forty gallons of water to fill a bathtub.

It is much better to take a shower, which uses one-third to one-quarter less water than filling a bath. The shorter your shower is, the more money you will save.

Read Your Water Meter To Keep Track of Your Consumption

Keeping track of your water consumption by reading, your water meter can help you determine if your water conservation efforts are working. A plumbing professional will be more than happy to help you locate the water meter and teach you how to read it. This way you can tell if your household in squandering water in some way.

Sometimes, the culprit is a drip or leak, but human behavior can also be the cause. If someone in your household is wasting water by leaving taps running or taking long extravagant showers than it might be time to educate them about how much their carelessness is costing you.