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Those Commitment Issues Won’T Get In Your Way This Valentine’S Day!


It is officially the worst time of year again for people with commitment issues! That's right- it's Valentine's Day! While all your friends are about being lovey-dovey with each other and posting cute couples pictures on social media, the anti-commitment crowd is home eating snacks and watching Friends on Netflix.

That's not necessarily a bad way to spend Valentine's Day, but when your commitment issues get in the way of your home's plumbing health, then you have a problem.

Knight Plumbing Inc. wants to help. That's why we've come up with a way for you to maintain your plumbing without needing to commit to a long term maintenance plan! All you need to do is keep up with your drain cleaning.

Commit to Frequent Drain Cleanings!

While drain cleaning shouldn't be the only plumbing maintenance you do, it may well be the most important. That's why we're suggesting that, if you can't commit to a full maintenance plan, you should at least commit to professional drain cleanings every six to twelve months.

Scheduling regular drain cleanings can reduce odors, eliminate slow drains, lower your risk of facing a plumbing emergency, and give your plumbing contractor a chance to identify potential issues before they become serious.

It is generally recommended that you have your drains professionally cleaned every 6-12 months, depending on the size of your household and how much you use your drains.

Hydro Jetting Service Can Save You From More Commitments

If you don’t feel comfortable committing to even biannual drain cleanings, you can opt for a hydro-jetting service every 12-18 months instead.

Why are hydro jetting services less frequent than traditional drain cleaning methods? Think about it like pressure cleaning. Hydro jetting uses a high-pressure water stream to clean the insides of your pipes, much like a pressure cleaning machine uses to clean floors and walls.

If you pressure clean the outside of your home, you probably wouldn’t need to do it again for a long time. Hydro jetting works the same way on your pipes. It cleans them more thoroughly, so you need them cleaned less frequently.

You Can DIY (Sometimes)!

The last option for low commitment plumbing maintenance is to clean your drains yourself in between annual appointments for a professional cleaning. This can be done by purchasing an auger from your local hardware store and snaking your drains yourself, about once every three months.

Do not attempt to clean your drains with Drain-O or another liquid cleaner. These are more damaging to your drains than they are helpful. Just remember that you’ll still need professional cleaning at least once a year.

What we really mean to say is that your commitment issues shouldn’t stop you from keeping your drains clean. You can just DIY your drain cleanings, and just call Knight Plumbing Inc. once a year to give your pipes a thorough cleaning.

Now, that’s not all the maintenance you should be doing on your piping system, but it sure is a good start! And whenever you are ready to commit to more plumbing maintenance services, you can always give Knight Plumbing Inc. a call at (414) 420-0625 to speak with a plumbing professional in Milwaukee, WI.