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Spotting a Leak Coming From Underground Plumbing

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Secrets to Finding a Hidden Pipe Leak 

April showers bring May flowers, but they can also bring big plumbing problems. After a long winter, as pipes defrost, they become subject to soil movement that can stress them in a big way. 

Hidden water leaks are so common in the spring because:

  • Rain causes topsoil to expand, which stresses pipe joints
  • Heavy clay on top of water lines puts extra pressure on the pipes
  • Water lines that froze during the winter may suddenly burst
  • Shifting topsoil cause foundations to shift, which can damage water lines that run through the slab

Dealing with an underground pipe leak is tough because the source is hidden, sometimes several feet underground. Identifying and repairing a hidden water leak can be difficult, but they can respond effectively once people recognize the signs. Here is a quick guide to spotting underground water leaks and how to get help from a hidden leak repair specialist. 

Signs to Look Out for That Indicate Hidden Water Leaks

Studies verify that a huge percentage of water is lost through leaks. A big portion of this water loss comes in the form of leaks from pipes that are hidden underground. Spotting leaks as soon as possible can save homeowners from needlessly wasting money on the water they aren’t using. Some indications of underground water line leaks are: 

  • It may sound like water is running in the house even when no one is using water and no appliance is calling for water
  • Water bills will spike above normal baseline usage
  • Excess water in the yard can cause wet spots that are remarkably lush. Alternatively, the excess moisture can lead to the death of turfgrass. 
  • Water pressure may suddenly decrease and not come back 
  • Floors may seem cold to the touch or moist
  • Musty odors and mold growth may be noticeable indoors or outside

Keep an eye on the Home’s Water Usage

Some of these signs may be present, but there is one final test that can confirm hidden water leaks are present. To do this test, shut off the water inside the house. Turning off all faucets and appliances is good, but if there is a cutoff for the entire house, that is better. Once the water in the house is off, check the water meter to see if it is still spinning. If the dial is moving, chances are there is a leak.

If the test is performed correctly, the only place the leak can be coming from is an underground water line that runs between the meter and the house. If a leak is present, proceed to the next step! 

Know When to Call for Professional Leak Detection

Precise identification is best when it comes to hidden leak repair. A professional will use tools like leak detectors to precisely locate the leak. 

Once the leak is found, they can expose the pipe minimally, allowing enough room for them to work but not extensive damage to the lawn or inside of the home. Repairing these lines sometimes requires digging or other invasive methods. After that, repairs proceed as they normally would. All that is left is to cover the pipe back up and get on with life!

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