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Find The Best Plumbing Materials For Your Home


When it comes time to install new pipes in your home, there are a few factors you probably take into account. The first is of course what kind of piping are you looking for? Certain plumbing materials may be more conducive to use as a supply line, while others may work best as a drain waste vent pipe.

Second, you'll probably be interested in what each type of pipe has to offer in terms of strength, durability, and safety. Finally, if you're like most people, you'll take into account the price of each kind of pipe, and it's installation costs before making your decision.

We hope the following information about cast iron, chromed copper, and polyvinyl chloride pipes can help you find the best plumbing materials for all your future plumbing services.

Are Cast Iron Pipes Still a Viable Option?

With so many newer options for pipe materials on the market today, you may be wondering if cast iron is still a viable option anymore. The answer is yes, cast iron is excellent for drain waste vent pipes.

They are known for being extremely durable, and their ability to hold up safely in the event of a house fire, without melting or emitting any toxic fumes. Safety and durability aside, cast iron pipes are thicker than those made from other materials.

This, of course, makes them heavier, but it also makes for great sound suppression, so you won't hear water rushing through your pipes every time a toilet is flushed. One downside to any metal piping is that it costs substantially more than plastic.

As cast iron pipes are also heavier, your plumbing services company may also need to send more people to install them, driving the cost up more. On average, you can expect to pay as much as $10,000 to repipe an average-sized, two-bathroom house.

Why is Chromed Copper so Popular?

Since first being used as a plumbing material about 70 years ago, chromed copper pipe became the most widely used across the country.

This is because copper, a naturally occurring metal, resists corrosion better than any other metal used for piping. Copper pipes are lead-free and more eco-friendly when compared with plastic pipes.

Because they are metal, copper pipes cost about the same as cast iron (between $8,000 and $10,000). Due to their resistance to corrosion and their ability to withstand up to 1,000 psi of pressure, copper pipes last far longer than plastic pipes and can even compete with cast iron regarding longevity. They are an excellent choice for water supply lines, like in your kitchen plumbing.

What Benefits do Poly Vinyl Chloride Pipes Offer?

Polyvinyl Chloride pipes, more often referred to as PVC pipes, are lightweight and flexible. Because of their versatility, they can be installed just about anywhere in your piping system, making them a great option for either drain pipes or supply lines.

PVC is often considered a very good choice of material if you are working within a tighter budget. In material cost alone, PVC pipe costs just over a quarter of what copper pipe does, around $3 to $4 per square foot. Installation costs are usually low for PVC pipes as well, seeing as how it is so lightweight, the job shouldn’t require more than one or two people.