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What’S The Deal With Your Noisy Plumbing?!


As with most things, strange noises coming from your plumbing system are a sure sign that something is not right. If you're hearing things like whistling, banging, gurgling, or water dripping coming from your plumbing, call Knight Plumbing Inc today to schedule a plumbing inspection to find out exactly where in your system the problem is, and fix it quickly!

Read on to learn more about the plumbing problems that may be associated with the various noises disturbing your home, and how Knight Plumbing Inc. can help you solve them.

Whistling Water Lines

That whistling noise you hear when you turn on the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom sink is likely letting you know that there is a blockage somewhere in the drain line.

If you're not having your system regularly inspected, and your drain routinely cleaned, things like grease, hair, dirt, and food particles can accumulate in your pipes and make it difficult for the water to pass through.

The high-pitched whistle you hear is the sound of a significant amount of water struggling to get through a narrow opening. If not addressed, this problem could be a precursor to a major plumbing disaster like a burst pipe!

Video camera inspection from Knight Plumbing Inc. can help locate the obstruction in your pipe, and give your plumber a better idea of what tools they may need to remove it.

Banging, Clanging, & Knocking Pipes

If your pipes are banging up against each other or a wall, and especially if this has been a recurring issue for some time, it's time to get in there and find out just what is making them move around so much.

The solution to this problem could be as simple as adjusting the water pressure in your home. Often, the force of the water moving through your pipes can make them swing and crash into other pipes or even the walls themselves.

In other cases, the movement of your pipes can be caused by a loose valve that closes too fast, causing the water to crash into it and change course suddenly. Pipes that are continually banging up against things are at high risk of cracking, or even becoming completely separated, causing massive water loss! To avoid a mess like that, call Knight Plumbing to have your plumbing system inspected today!

Gurgling Drains & Phantom Water Sounds

Hearing water running or dripping when there isn't a faucet on doesn't mean you're going crazy, it just means that you have a leak somewhere in your water line.

Whether the leak is found in a fixture like a toilet, or outside a fixture in any of the incoming or outgoing water pipes, leaks can be extremely dangerous and cost you hundreds of dollars in lost water.

Another bathroom sound that may give you pause is a gurgling drain. Again, this issue should be addressed as soon as possible, as it indicates a block in your sewer line or waste pipe.

If not resolved, it can lead to things raw like septic tank overflow, or even raw sewage backing up into your home. To avoid a plumbing catastrophe in the future, call Knight Plumbing Inc. for top-notch plumbing inspection today!