That's No Ghost! Spooky Plumbing Noises Explained

What the Pipes Are Trying To Communicate

Every house has its own unique noises, but rather than a charming quirk that came with a house, these spooky noises are often signs of plumbing problems. Whether it’s low water pressure, a leak, or an emergency waiting to happen, early detection is the best way to protect the home. The good news is that by learning to decode the language of pipes, many of these problems can be easily remedied with the help of a plumber. 

Devious Dripping

While a dripping may not be the scariest sound a house can make, the amount of water they can potentially waste is truly frightening. To isolate the problem, begin by shutting off the water valve. Then turn on the faucet, so any remaining water drains out of the pipes. Remove the handle and replace the cartridge inside. Once that step is complete, replace the handle. If this simple solution doesn’t alleviate the drip, it doesn’t mean the faucet is haunted, but it may be time to call in an expert. 

Nightmarish Knocking

If there is a knocking sound coming from inside the walls, it’s probably an indication that something is wrong with the building’s pipes. Take note of what’s happening plumbing-wise when this sound occurs, as that can help diagnose the issue. 

If the knocking happens right after the faucet is turned off, there is a good chance the pipes have a case of water hammer. The knocking noise is a result of water hitting the quickly shut valve, kind of similar to the force one feels right after suddenly slamming on the car brakes.

Knocking that occurs while the water is running isn’t a sign of a ghoul, but of loose pipes. The straps securing the pipes to the house can come loose through regular use, and the pressure created by running water causes the pipes to rattle and bang. 

A quieter tapping noise accompanying a running faucet can also indicate that the water pressure is too high. Ideally, a faucet’s water pressure should range from 40 to 80 psi; anything higher could be causing the noisy problem. If the problem occurs while running hot water, try lowering the temperature on the water heater. If this doesn’t work or tends to be a cold water problem, a plumber can help find the best solution. 

Ghoulish Gurgling 

What if a toilet starts making odd noises and gurgling when flushed? This is usually a sign that there is a blocked line about. Somewhere in the system is a clog that’s creating a negative air pressure, leading to the strange sound coming from the toilet. Since air isn’t able to travel through the pipes as it should, it gets backed up and has to go somewhere. 

If a traditional plunger isn’t able to solve the problem, a plumber can discuss other options. Generally, this will culminate in drain cleaning, which can help remove even the toughest blockages and restore water flow to the home. It may also be a sign that better ventilation is needed.

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