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Automated Plumbing Services - Is The Future Already Here?


Are You Ready For Automated Plumbing?

In a world of constant technological advancements, plumbing is just another occupation that is growing with the times. A lot of people are worried about the world being taken over by artificial intelligence. In many industries, that is very highly possible. However, it is unrealistic to believe that AI would replace plumbers. There are too many things in the world of plumbing that require a human touch in order to make things right.

Automation Can’t Account for Slab Leaks

Most foundations that many homes are already built on today would not be able to function with the new smart systems that are being used in new homes today. In older homes, a slab leak is a break in a pipe that runs beneath the concrete foundation of a home. Once that pipe breaks, it seeps water into the ground and into the home’s foundation.

This can be a costly adventure! Plumbers recommend calling them if you hear the sound of running water that doesn’t seem to be attributed to any specific appliance, something could be wrong. One of the biggest red flags is a spike in the water bill. A wet floor along with carpet mildew or mold will also be another indicator of a potential slab leak.

For newer homes, Smart Water Systems are installed to help protect people’s homes from water leaks. Devices are always monitoring the flow of water and can quickly detect any problems before they get out of hand. But, as long as older slab homes exist, a plumber will always be needed!

Bathroom Plumbing Upgrades

One of the most affected technological advancements in plumbing can be found in the bathroom. Smart bathrooms are taking over bathrooms everywhere these days. A few of the ways that bathrooms are getting the “smart” touch include the following:

  • Smart Showers-These showers give users the opportunity to know exactly how hot or cold their shower is going to be. Many of the newer shower heads also include Bluetooth speakers.
  • 21st-Century Toilets-These toilets have temperature-controlled water that cleans off your bottom to avoid having to use toilet paper which can often cause bathroom clogs. Automatic dryers kick in gear as well so you are comfortably able to move on with your day. Seat warmers and self-cleaning toilets are also part of this Smart trend.
  • Intelligent Faucets-Digital faucets will help people conserve water with the reduced flow of water and automatic temperature control. Touchless technology is taking over homes much like the ones found in public restrooms.

Importance of Tradesmen

The World Health Organization made it very clear that plumbers are the most important front line health tradesmen around the globe. Competent and knowledgeable plumbers are needed more than ever today.

With new products and increased risk to the public health and safety of people today, this world needs strong plumbers to design, install, and maintain sustainable plumbing systems. Water contamination, cross-connections, scalding, and thermal shock are all risks of not keeping the water safe.

Having plumbers who know how to attack these problems is saving lives. Even though homes are becoming smarter, people would never be able to live in a world without actual plumbers. There is just too much at stake to replace them!

About Knight Plumbing, Inc.

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