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How to Prevent Bursts From Frozen Pipes During Cold Temperatures


A pipe burst is a true plumbing emergency. It’s shocking, it’s explosive, and it leaves behind a ton of damage. When a pipe bursts, it can spray water all over the room, leak behind the cabinets, under the floorboards, and into adjacent rooms. Therefore, in addition to replacing the burst pipe, there are also a lot of other expenses that need to be taken care of. Ultimately, a burst pipe can easily create a thousand-dollar mess or more.

Unfortunately, winter is a common time for this plumbing disaster because one of the leading causes of burst pipes are frozen pipes. On the upside, there are a few tell-tale signs that every homeowner should know in order to recognize and fix a frozen pipe before it bursts.

Uneven Water Stream from Ice in the Pipes

Typically, when someone turns on a faucet or the shower, the stream of water flowing down is even with a certain level of pressure. This is one of the first things to go when pipes freeze. A frozen pipe will contain ice blockages that prevent the water from flowing out of the faucet or other fixtures evenly.

An uneven water stream is one of the most common signs of a frozen pipe and should be fixed immediately. Take note of which faucets or other fixtures have an uneven water stream as this can help professionals determine which pipes are frozen and need to be fixed.

Though frozen pipes can lead to burst pipes, that’s not the only reason they should be fixed. They also are a big inconvenience. Many people have experienced showering in a hotel or another house where the water pressure was really weak, and it’s not something most people want to deal with on a regular basis in their own homes.

Frost on the Outside of the Pipes

In a way, frost is really beautiful. It’s like seeing each unique snowflake frozen in time. And when it covers the branches of trees? Wow, it’s like a winter wonderland! But it’s not so pretty when it’s on the outside of the pipes in a home. If there’s frost on the outside of the pipes, more than likely there’s ice on the inside. Some symptoms of frozen pipes are easier to notice than others.

Frost on the pipes is one of the obvious signs, but many people miss it because they aren’t consistently looking for it. Homeowners should check exposed pipes regularly to look for frost. Frost on the pipes is an easily noticeable sign, but only when people know to look for it.

Cold Water Always Running

Though some people argue that ice baths are relaxing and helpful for relieving muscle pain after a long, hard workout, they aren’t so refreshing when the expectation is a toasty shower.

If the water is always cold, even though the hot water knob is turned on, it’s often a sign that the pipes are frozen. When there’s ice in the pipes, the water mixes with formed icicles causing the water to be cold all the time.

Similar to checking for an uneven stream of water, constant, cold water not only an issue because it could lead to a burst pipe, but is also inconvenient. No one wants an ice-cold shower after shoveling snow for an hour! Having the ability to use hot water when it’s necessary seems like a much better option.

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