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Have You Ever Wondered if Liquid Drain Cleaners Are Safe to Use?


How Can Liquid Drain Cleaner Fumes Affect Your Home

If you have a clogged pipe in your home, you might want to think twice before reaching for that bottle of liquid drain cleaner. It’s a little known fact that liquid drain cleaners are extremely dangerous for your health and pipes. Not only can they corrode the inside of your pipes, but toxic fumes are downright dangerous to humans and pets.

These are chemicals strong enough to dissolve whatever is clogging your drain, so you can imagine what else they’re capable of dissolving. Here are a few reasons why it’s a much safer option to call your plumber instead of reaching for that bottle of liquid drain cleaning solution.

Liquid Plumbing Cleaners Are Full Of Highly Toxic Chemicals

Think about it, whatever is clogging your drain needs to be broken up or dissolved in order for the liquid to be able to flow through your pipes again. Not talking about a plumber inserting a snake to physically break up or remove the blockage.

This is a liquid that has to dissolve the clog. That means your liquid plumbing solution needs to have some pretty serious chemicals in it to get the job done. The most popular liquid drain cleaners today are composed of caustic base cleaners like lye or bleach, and some are made of acid. Both are extremely toxic to living beings.

These chemicals are used because they dissolve or break down the organic materials, like food or hair, that is blocking your pipes from draining properly. Do you know what else is made of organic matter? People and pets are organic matter too! Even inhaling a small amount of these toxic fumes can cause chemical burns on the delicate lining of your nose and throat, and even drain cleaner poisoning.

Skin Irritation Is Also A Danger

Still thinking you’ll forego calling a plumber? Wearing a mask isn’t going to keep you safe while using liquid plumbing solutions either. Remember, people and pets are made of organic matter too. The fumes from liquid drain cleaner are strong enough to cause chemical burns on your skin as well. Even if you’re wearing a mask, you’re likely to have skin exposed while handling the cleaner.

Even worse is if the cleaning solution comes in contact with your skin, or if a drop hits the floor and a pet or child finds it. Since the fumes alone are strong enough to cause chemical burns, imagine what direct contact would do. This is a slippery slope that’s not worth the risk.

Toxic Fumes Are Dangerous For Eyes

Just like the toxic chemical fumes are bad for your skin, they’re also dangerous for eyes. Any time you’re handling a highly toxic chemical, the health risk is increased. As mentioned prior, the chemical fumes in liquid drain cleaners can easily damage your skin, nose, and throat. This risk extends to your eyes as well.

Depending on if your eyes have been exposed to only the fumes or to the liquid cleaner itself, injuries can range from eye irritation, burning, to severe pain, to vision loss. These are some pretty serious risks to clear a clog in your pipes when a plumber is only a call away.

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