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Everything to Know About Your Home's Clogged Shower Drains


Clogged shower drains are something everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives. Maybe your drainage issue was a slow build-up or maybe you or someone in your home has long beautiful locks that come out in clumps.

While it can start as a minor issue, over time, even the smallest clog can turn into a major emergency for your home. No matter what the cause, you’re sure to find some guidance with these helpful tips.

Causes of Clogged Shower Drains In Your Home

A shower drain clog can happen for a number of reasons. The first thing to check for is any obstructions toward the entrance of your drain. Sometimes it’s easy for a child’s or pet’s toy to get wedged in just below the surface.

Another culprit that could be blocking water from draining is a clog, most commonly caused by hair that’s washed down the drain. The hair can become mixed in with soap scum in your pipe and cause a mass that doesn’t allow water to flow past.

That same soap scum can also collect on the interior walls of your pipe, which can eventually cause a slow flow as well. Another reason you may be having drainage issues is due to tree roots in your sewer line, though this would likely affect more than just your shower drains.

How Pros Are Fixing Clogged Shower Drains?

Removing an obvious blockage, like a toy, towards the top of your drain is something you likely can easily remove on your own, but for more serious clogs it’s best to call in a professional. Depending on the cause of your clog, there are a couple of different ways a plumber can work to clear the blockage.

In the instance of hair or another substance blocking drainage, a plumber will often choose to use a drain snake. A plumber’s snake is a thin and flexible auger that enters your drain in a corkscrew motion via hand crank. The movement allows for both the middle of the clog and the walls of the pipe to be treated. This will either break up the clog, so it can either get flushed down the pipe, or it will be removed when the snake is removed.

The next type of clog has to do with soap scum and grime buildup on the inside of your pipe. A plumber will insert a hose that blasts a high powered stream of water that removes debris from the pipe and allows for water to flow once again. In the instance that tree roots are the cause of your drainage issues, a motorized snake would be used to power through the roots and break up the clog.

Preventing Clogged Shower Drains Before They Happen

There are two easy ways to prevent drainage issues in the future. The first is to use a grate or strainer that sits in your drain. This works as a filter to prevent hair clogs by collecting any debris or hair that tries to make its way into your pipes. The next way to prevent problems is by having regular drain cleaning services.

Professionals suggest having a full drain cleaning every two years to keep scum buildup under control, but if you have regular drainage problems or a funky smell coming from your drain, you may need them more regularly. Regular plumbing maintenance will also monitor any potential sewer line issues that can prevent a disaster before it starts.

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