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Tips for Fixing (And Preventing) a Clogged Kitchen Sink


What to Do When Your Kitchen Sink Is Clogged

Having a clogged sink is an experience no homeowner wants to deal with. It’s frustrating, annoying, and never comes at a good time. Numerous issues can cause a clogged sink, from a garbage disposal that stops working, to oil and grease that accidentally got spilled to food that shouldn’t have been washed down.

Any number of reasons can cause a clogged sink and cause your kitchen to come to a grinding halt. The good news is that there are ways to unclog a kitchen sink. Read on for three tips to keep your sink flowing freely.

Combine Baking Soda & White Vinegar

If you need to clear out a stubborn clog and you’re in a rush, you can probably clear it by using two common ingredients you have in your pantry: baking soda and white vinegar. When baking soda and white vinegar combine, they form a chemical called carbon dioxide.

This chemical is excellent for helping clean your pipes and can potentially help dislodge stuck-on food, hard water deposits, and even work on grease. It’s a good first step to try when you’re dealing with a clogged kitchen sink and you need to get it unstuck in a hurry.

Boiling Water Can Break up Grease

Using boiling water to unclog a stopped up sink is an age-old remedy that still merits attention. While it may not be high-tech, it does work many times and is perfect if you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to call a plumber.

It’s always worth a shot to get your sink free-flowing. To utilize this trick, heat up a half-gallon of water to the point of boiling. Pour the entire half-gallon down through the opening in your sink to “flush” your sink out.

This much water should be enough pressure to push the clog through if it is loose and hot enough to melt material that might be causing the clog. Oil and grease respond well to boiling water. If you notice some progress, you might need to repeat this step several times until you can freely run water down the drain without any backing up into the sink.

Opt for Professionals!

While the two fixes mentioned above might work in a pinch, the only way to make sure your clog stays away and your sink remains open and free-flowing is to call a professional plumber. They can get to the root of the issue and recommend solutions that will ensure your sink remains free-flowing for the future.

There’s nothing worse than a stopped up sink just when you’re getting ready to host a dinner party or a holiday get together. Calling a plumber when you first start dealing with clogs is the smart thing to do to prevent future buildup issues. Keep your sink flowing free with the help of the pros.

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