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Enjoy a Relaxing Bath This Valentine's Day!


The Bathtub Can Be the Epitome of Self-Care This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here, and it’s a great day to relax, unwind, and forget about the daily stresses of life. One of the best ways to do this is with a bathtub and a few accessories. Many homeowners find this time of year the best time to consider upgrading their bathtubs. There are many different kinds on the market, and some of their features are surprising. Even if it’s not the time for an upgrade, it’s still possible to turn the tub into the most relaxing place in the house. 

Choosing the Ideal Bathtub

Most people take showers more often than baths because they’re a bit faster and don’t generally use as much water. However, nothing beats a bathtub for relaxing, bathing small children, or adding a little elegance to the home. But sometimes, the same old tub just isn’t cutting it. Not to worry! There’s a lot of tub styles to choose from these days. 

Freestanding tubs are gaining popularity once again because of their elegance and artistic design. These are available with a solid base or the ever-popular claw-foot design. They’re also available in many different sizes. Alcove tubs are the old go-to, but they’re available now with many accessories, such as jets or built-in pillows. They’re also available in many different sizes. Drop-in bathtubs are great for giving the bathroom a spa-like feel. These tubs are installed seamlessly to the surrounding tile or other material. 

Aromatherapy, Music Therapy, and Chromotherapy

Simple additions to bath time can help people relax and relieve stress. Aromatherapy is the most common among these. It’s the use of smell to encourage well-being and relaxation. There are many different ways to utilize aromatherapy in the bathroom, including essential oils, bath salts, candles, bath bombs, and incense. 

Music therapy is another good option. This is exactly what it sounds like: using music to help homeowners relax and de-stress. The best music for this varies from person to person. Most people find it easy to think about the music that relaxes them. Then they can create a bath time playlist to help them relax and block out the world for a little while. 

Chromotherapy is another way to relax in the bathtub. This is the use of different colors, usually through lighting, to promote relaxation. Blue and green are said to be the most calming colors in the spectrum. Changing the light in the bathroom is as easy as changing the lightbulbs, stringing up Christmas lights, or using candles for ambiance. 

Prefer Showers? They Can Be Relaxing, Too

Not everyone likes baths, and that’s okay. The fact is that showers can be incredibly relaxing, too. Warm water and a nice, steady stream of water can revitalize and act as a kind of massage. Sometimes sitting under the stream of water in a shower is the most relaxing part of the day. Plus, the three methods for relaxing mentioned above can all be used for a shower, too! 

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