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Make Sure the Home is Ready for the Winter

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How to Get the Pipes Ready for the Winter

Preparing the home for the potential for frozen pipes is all part of the experience when it comes to Milwaukee winters. They can be especially harsh, causing pipes to freeze, disrupting water service, and causing massive flooding in a short time. Every precaution should be taken to prevent this from happening. 

This year, before the weather gets too harsh, make sure and take the advice of local burst pipe repair specialists. By getting the home ready for winter, homeowners can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no plumbing emergencies will bother them over the winter. 

Check on the Insulation Around Piping

Pipe insulation is an important practice to ensure that pipes don’t freeze over the winter. Any line that may be vulnerable to freezing should be insulated, and in extreme cases, heat tape can be added for extra warmth. Pipe insulation is a simple and cheap practice that can save thousands of dollars worth of damage to a home by preventing a flood. 

Vulnerable piping can include:

  • Bathroom piping located in exterior walls
  • Pipes routed through attics
  • Piping in unsealed crawl spaces
  • Irrigation systems
  • Pool and hot tub plumbing

Pipes like these should be insulated to protect them against the cold. Even if vulnerable pipes are insulated, they should be checked periodically to make sure the insulation is in good shape. 

Get the Outdoor Faucets and Plumbing Ready

Outdoor kitchens and wet bars need to be prepared for the winter. With the increasing popularity of these outdoor spaces, special attention must be paid to keep them from succumbing to plummeting winter temperatures. Having a pipe repair company inspect piping and winterize exterior plumbing is a great idea to make sure no problems occur. 

At the very least, homeowners should know how to drain freshwater piping and protect drain piping that may still contain water that could freeze. Local plumbers are a great resource to get the answers from. 

Make the Heater Can Keep Up During the Winter

No home is safe in Milwaukee winters without having a functioning heater or furnace. Heaters and furnaces help protect people from the elements, but they also keep important services like plumbing running in the home. 

Without having a heater maintaining a minimum temperature of around 60 degrees, pipes in a home can still freeze, even if homeowners have never had trouble with pipes freezing in the past. An important step to preventing frozen pipes is having the furnace maintained before winter comes in fully. 

By having the heater looked at by a professional, homeowners can ensure that their plumbing is protected from emergency heating repairs that may also endanger their plumbing. 

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