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3 Important Signs It's Time To Install a Water Softener

Man checking a water softener

How To Know the Home Has Hard Water

Hard water isn’t just hard on the home’s plumbing system. It is hard on those living within the home too. Water softeners have become a staple within the modern home. It is rare to walk into a home now that doesn’t have a water softener. That is why professionals want to make sure homeowners know all the important signs to look for to know if it is time for water softener installation or replacement in their homes. 

Below is more information on all of the different signs homeowners can notice and feel when they have hard water, as well as what it does to the pipes in the short-term and long term. 

The Visible Signs Homeowners Can Notice

Hard water can lead to a number of different problems for the plumbing system. When it is time to install a water softener, certain signs will start to pop up. If the homeowner knows what to look for, they can spot the signs sooner and have the problem fixed before any other expensive damages ensue. 

Here are some of the signs that it’s time to install a water softener into the home: 

Many homeowners experience these problems and don’t realize it can be attributed to hard water. When left untreated, hard water can cause the plumbing system to experience pressure build-up within the pipes that cause them to leak and burst. It is important that all homeowners have a water softener installed in their homes. 

What Hard Water Feels Like

Aside from the physical signs that pop up around the home, there are also several signs the homeowner will experience personally. It is not uncommon for homeowners to notice these signs first since they happen directly to them rather than their plumbing system. 

Some common signs include: 

  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Dry and static-filled hair
  • Stiff and scratchy clothes
  • Irritated sinuses 
  • A film left on the skin after a shower

What Hard Water Does To the Pipes

As mentioned above, hard water causes mayhem to the home’s piping system, especially over a long period of time. To put it plainly, the piping system likely won’t last its expected lifespan if the home has hard water because it puts so much stress on the system. 

Here are a few of the things that hard water does to the pipes:

  • Limescale and other mineral build-ups
  • Blockages and clogs 
  • Slow drainage
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Lower water quality
  • Leaking and burst pipes 

Having a water softener installed will eliminate all of the above-stated issues within the home, the pipes, and the people living in the house. Homeowners can’t go wrong when they have a water softener installed by a trusted professional. 

Knight Plumbing, Inc. Works Hard for Their Customers

Milwaukee’s own Knight Plumbing, Inc. always promises quick and prompt service. They also offer upfront pricing because they understand the importance of homeowners knowing what they are paying for. Call today for water softening services!